Several years ago, in order to push the visual potential of this process, I began to use color film and positioned a lens over the hole in the window plastic in order to add to the overall sharpness and brightness of the incoming image. Now, I often use a prism to make the projection come in right side up. I have also been able to shorten my exposures considerably thanks to digital technology, which in turn makes it possible to capture more momentary light. I love the increased sense of reality that the outdoor has in these new works .The marriage of the outside and the inside is now made up of more equal partners.

Visiting after dark? Get prepared for goose-bumps. Our floodlit city looks fantastic at night – from the Scott Monument to the world-famous St Giles’ Cathedral.

Some Images from our collection
Trade Cards with Camera Obscuras
Lost UK Seaside Camera Obscuras
Other Lost UK Camera Obscuras
Lost US Seaside Camera Obscura
Lost US Park Camera Obscuras
Other Lost US Camera Obscuras
No, it's not a camera obscura

Choose a bright day to show off your new gizmo. It takes a while for ones eyes to get used to the dark so, before someone comes round, roll the blind down, stick a piece of insulation tape (shutter) over the lens and dimly light the room to allow peoples eyes to get used to the dark.
Invite them in and whilst their eyes are adjusting tell them all about, Mo ti, Aristotle, Al-Habn, Isaac Newton etc. Then take the 'shutter' off the lens and 'voila' something to chat about in the pub!

Portable and box camera obscuras from our collection.
Wooden Camera Obscuras
Metal Camera Obscuras
Camera Obscuras with the Lens at the Top
Cardboard Camera Obscuras
A French Artist's Camera with supplies
Vermeer's Camera, a 1934 teaching camera
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Camera Obscura - Underachievers Please Try HarderCamera Obscura - Underachievers Please Try HarderCamera Obscura - Underachievers Please Try HarderCamera Obscura - Underachievers Please Try Harder