Initial Production Date: 1948
Length: 11 feet
Width: 5 feet 1/2 inch
Height: 6 feet
Wheelbase: 80 inches
Track: 4 feet 2 inches
Top Speed: mph
Accelleration 0-60: Ummm.... see above
Fuel Mileage: About 21mpg
Construction: Aluminum body on steel box frame
Engine: Liter 4 cylinder petrol, overhead inlet side exhaust valves in a cast iron block, roller tappet camshaft, 55 horsepower
Horsepower: 50hp
Compression Ratio: to 1
Fuel System : Single Solex down draft carburetor, electric Lucas diaphragm type fuel pump
Fuel Capacity: 10 gallons
Electrical System: 12 volt positive earth
Oil Capacity: 5 quarts
Transmission: Full time four wheel drive with a freewheeling transfer case. Four speed main gearbox with synchromesh on 3rd and 4th gears
Transfer Case: Two speed Hi/Low range with internal lockable differential. Provision for Power Takeoff units
Power Takeoff: Available at front, center, and rear. PTO options included a capstain winch, circular saw, thresher, brush mower, snow thrower, welder generator, hydraulic pump, belt drive drum, and other various farm impliments
Clutch: Hydraulically actuated dry clutch plate
Braking System: Hydraulically actuated 9 inch drum brakes
Axles: Beam type, open differential with leaf springs
Tires: X 16 inches
Price: £450 (In 1947 that was a LOT of money! Even for a LandRover!)

Spencer The Rover - Spencer The RoverSpencer The Rover - Spencer The RoverSpencer The Rover - Spencer The RoverSpencer The Rover - Spencer The Rover