Photo from the table reading of MONITORED BODIES by E. Okobi at ./New York. A relevant and timely new play bringing together the #blacklivesmatter and the #metoo movements. Special thanks to our actors for bringing these character to life: Kenzie Ross, Maria Wolf, Marilyn Oran, Steven J. Michel, Lori Minor, Brandon Sturiale, Lenore Marks and Read More ...

Zeus was father of Hermes, by the Pleiad Maia . He was also the father of the twins, Apollo and Artemis, by the Titaness Leto .

Very Brief Outline of the Black Athena Project . In my three volumes with the title Black Athena , I argue that the Ancient Egyptian civilization can usefully be seen ...

Places could also acquire a divine connection; the great oracles such as that of Apollo at Delphi and Zeus at Dodona may well have begun as places considered particularly good to receive signs from the gods. Such places became hugely important centres with their priest oracles consulted by both individuals and city-states so that the rather vague and ambiguous proclamations might help guide their future conduct.     

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The first endeavour to build a sanctuary for Athena Parthenos on the site of the present Parthenon was begun shortly after the Battle of Marathon (c. 490–488 BC) upon a solid limestone foundation that extended and levelled the southern part of the Acropolis summit. This building replaced a hekatompedon (meaning "hundred-footer") and would have stood beside the archaic temple dedicated to Athena Polias ("of the city"). The Older or Pre-Parthenon , as it is frequently referred to, was still under construction when the Persians sacked the city in 480 BC and razed the Acropolis. [8] [43]

Athena - A New Religion?Athena - A New Religion?Athena - A New Religion?Athena - A New Religion?