Noise exposure at the work place over many years may lead to irreversible hearing loss if daily sound exposure levels reach or exceed 85 dB(A) [5] .

Radio frequency interference (RFI) of some sort with a new mobile station is nearly a sure bet.  Mobile RFI can be categorized broadly as either egress or ingress , relative to the vehicle.  Egress interference is interference from your vehicle systems to your mobile station.  Ingress interference is from your amateur station to your automobile systems.  For example, a common form of egress interference with mobile stations is ignition noise from the vehicle on the receive audio of the amateur station, creating a regular popping or crackling noise.  An example of the much less commonly experienced ingress interference would be amateur radio transmissions impacting the performance of an engine control computer, perhaps causing acceleration hiccups with certain frequency transmissions.  “QSL, but stand by old man, the traffic light is turning yellow.”

Various - Noise Problems AvantgardeVarious - Noise Problems AvantgardeVarious - Noise Problems AvantgardeVarious - Noise Problems Avantgarde