About the content though, I am not very impressed at all. The first song of interest as far as I am concerned is the good "La Danse Du Feu". Even if the recurrent theme is "borrowed" to the great "Tubular Bells", it remains a strong part of this album and needs to be considered as a highlight. One has to know that this Vangelis album leans more towards the Greek folklore than on prog rock. I have nothing against the Greek folk music, but I wasn't expecting such music from Vangelis who scarcely showed this angle during his solo career so far. I am afraid that songs as "Nerantzoula" or "Les Kolokotronei" won't submerge you with extreme joy. Fortunately, a track as "Le Fleuve" is closer to my expectations of a Vangelis album. It holds some fine atmospheric mood and superb melodic key lines. But I also can understand that he was willing to record an album close to his roots in partnership with an icon of the Greek scene. Music is at times minimalist ("Racines") or sounds just as its title refers to ("Lamento"). I didn't spent gorgeous moments while listening to both of them. But I have to say that the whole album wasn't a pleasant experience for my old ears. Two stars. social review comments | Review Permalink
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