We packed Kevin’s clothes, bedding, school supplies and the really important stuff – guitars, amp, TV, laptop, golf clubs – into our two cars and headed west. It isn’t challenging getting to Altoona. You get on the PA Turnpike and head west for about 200 miles. My observations as we headed west varied from wonder to disgust. The Pittsburgh to Philadelphia section of the turnpike began construction at the conclusion of WWII and opened in 1950. The new High was in full bloom and American ingenuity and can do attitude was applied to all projects. This 360 mile interstate that bores through mountains is a testament to the engineering and construction brilliance of America in a different time. It is truly a feat of human tenacity. As you drive through the Blue Mountain Tunnel and the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel you are in awe of the American workers who blasted their way through these mountains back in the late 1940s. The PA Turnpike handles 172 million vehicles per year and in my opinion is an example of the kinds of things government used to do well – helping the free flow of commerce and goods.

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