Jason was sent to the past and needs the bat clan's help, but it turns out he had just died. Not wanting to stir up any bad emotions for the family by revealing his identity Jason has to find a way to return back to his time. And did Dick just flirt with him?

Todd 's next move was to chuck the trumpet, cross the border, and begin singing in recording and broadcast studios, churning out a steady stream of popular records under the supervision of Leonard Joy and Eli Oberstein and transmitting his voice to the masses via programs like the Home Town Show, the Magic Key (with Larry Clinton's Orchestra ), Old Gold's Melody & Madness (with Robert Benchley and Artie Shaw's Swing Band ), and Brown & Williamson's Avalon Time Show (with comedian Red Skelton ). He also made the first of several recordings with Dinah Shore and sang with Leo Reisman's Orchestra at the Strand Theater. In 1940 Dick Todd appeared in the series Showboat with Nadine Connor and Virginia Verrill , with Paul LaValle on the Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street show, and sang "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" in a film short with Richard Hayman . For a little while he hosted his own program. Dick Todd 's biggest hits from this period include "Blue Orchids," "Deep Purple," "To You, Sweetheart, Aloha," "All This and Heaven Too," and "The Gaucho Serenade." When it was time for Todd to serve as a Canadian citizen in the Second World War he generously set up Ted Weems ' crooner Perry Como as his replacement at Victor.

After he came to the United States in 1938 to sing on broadcasts of Larry Clinton's orchestra, [4] Todd became a favorite with radio listeners across the country.

Dick Todd - The Last Waltz / Blue LetterDick Todd - The Last Waltz / Blue LetterDick Todd - The Last Waltz / Blue LetterDick Todd - The Last Waltz / Blue Letter