Bring a friend and a bottle of wine, and try your hand at making a floral arrangement. We will be demonstrating throughout the event, but it is up to you to get creative. We will provide all you need for your arrangement, a vase, all the cut flowers you will need, and scissors.

To me, their most appealing trait of all is how easy they are to grow. For years, I cast jealous glances at the dahlia bed of my allotment neighbour. The lavish blooms of riotous colour seemed too impressive to be achievable. How wrong I was! Last year, I finally summoned the courage to have a go myself and for months I was the smug bearer of huge bouquets of flowers.

Dahlia - Vase[s]Dahlia - Vase[s]Dahlia - Vase[s]Dahlia - Vase[s]