Start standing up for what you believe in—causes, opinions, anything. You're going to have people that disagree with you anyways, so why not express how you truly feel? I've learned that it's better to be loved by a few people you care about, than to be liked by everyone. These are family, friends, your spouse—the people who love you for who you are, and the people who will be there for you during your worst times. Focus on these people. They're the only people that matter.

For the smaller backpack I’ve been searching for something in the 50-60 liter range – enough space for the camera gear plus possibly a couple changes of clothing, down jacket, rain jacket, rain pants, hat/beanie, gloves, pack towel, sleeping sack liner, headlamp and other small electronics, some food and water, and enough extra space for possible extra items like climbing harness, helmet, ice axe, or crampons (some of which could be lashed to the outside of the pack). All this gear (including the backpack) comes to a total of about 30-35 lb., give or take.

Next you want to save it as a JPG with the quality low enough to make the file size around 250k but not so low that the image looks bad -  you may have to experiment.

I'd say this is one of the best places for instagram food photos. Their plating is immaculate and colorful! They can get quite busy for brunch and do not accept reservations. It's first come first serve so it's better to go earlier. You order food at the counter and take back a number so they can bring your order to the table. I tried their avocado toast (typical millennial lol!) with sweet potato instead of toast and it's super delicious! Sliced avocado will be presented in a flower while mashed is less photogenic. The portion is quite small though. I feel like I can easily finish two orders. The service wasn't the most attentive either. But I guess the food (and photo) more than makes up for it. Great brunch spot Very good service! Can't go wrong either the choices of coffee And almost everything on the brunch menu is a win! WHAT TO TRY?! Having seen what others order and what I've tried, I would definitely recommend the egg Benedict with the beets sauce on top, the breakfast bowl and if you're a fan of the avocado, then the avocado toast too. I ordered the avocado toast. I think other than the presentation of the avocado on top, it's really easy to make and not worth the $9 for this dish. Yes, the presentation of the avocado on top is pretty but hey, if you don't mind presentations, then making this at home is quite easy! The breakfast bowl was delicious though. With the mix of quinoa, the tasty kale, some yams for sweetness and some beans, it was just the right combination of healthy vegetables and you felt good afterwards! Because it's not heavy at all. I saw a lot of ppl ordering the eggs Benedict with the beet sauce so it must a popular breakfast dish here. And besides, it's pretty to look at too. LAST TIP?! They don't open for dinner so don't expect to grab a bite here. There's no reservations and you order yourself at the counter. There's one communal table so if your group is small, be prepared to sit at the communal table if other tables are taken. Order their lattes and coffees too. Pretty art design on top too. The food and drinks are quite good. The service is another story. Let's just say if you go alone they will discourage you because they rather fill the entire table rather than have a 1/2 empty table. Most restaurants will still accommodate single eaters. There are 3 bar seating availability...therefore if you are there alone just tell the host that you are willing to sit there and wait for a spot to be open. Just was not impressed with the host telling me they will not seat me because I was alone. Feel the need to update and say: +Now serving beautiful snacks, like their avocado toast, until 4pm +Now with wine and beer Go to the patio upstairs, it's super cute! I ordered the avocado toast (sliced) and my friend had the beets eggs Benedict. I found the avocado toast beautiful, but it was hard to actually eat. Do you cut it? Do you hold it? Neither worked for me. The bread felt a little stale/hard and had a weird spicy kick at the end. They also didn't give us any water. stars ... one of the better spots on Queen West. Bar Buca and Strange Love are my all time favourites but Early Bird is a definite contender. The pristine white walls, large windows, and the pop of greenery from the plants and avocado toast just makes me think its calling all millennials for those instagram moments. Good thing it has some good drinks and flavour to make it more than just a pretty face. We arrived early Sunday morning before brunch and most tables were already taken with many lap tops and soft quiet sips of coffee. The barista was already heavily loaded with a back log and making his way through the line up all calm and chill. Ordering was easy and kudos to them for having reasonably priced drinks. With a chai latte and flat white, we waited close to 15 minutes to get our drinks but I will say that it was quite good so it didnt make it feel like it was a waste of time. Chai Latte - Though it was a touch sweeter than most other coffee places, I did like the fact that the spice blend was nuanced and had a good punch to not make this a typical Starbucks sugary latte. 4/5 Flat White - Loved the flavour as it was bold but not too acidic. I really liked how it had microfoam and not just a little bit of large foam on the top. The balance of milk to espresso was just right. The smoothness of the drink was really nice and would definitely order again. /5 One thing I also loved about this place... it sold Coffee Collective beans from Copenhagen. I went there every day when I was visiting. Though I'd like to see Toronto coffee spot support local Canadian roasters, I have to give Early Bird credit for choosing an awesome place like Coffee Collective! is my rating. Charcoal latte ($) I think this was a gimmick. Not sure what they used for the "charcoal" color but there was no charcoal like flavor in the latte at all. It just tasted like milk. Quite disappointed. Just looked pretty. Eggs Benny ($) What's special about this eggs benny? The hollandaise is pink made with beets! There is actually a small hint of beets flavor in the hollandaise, which is interestingly different cause hollandaise at most places don't have much of a taste. The egg was perfectly poached served on top of a crispy rosti and mashed avocado. This was tasty but the portion was kinda small and wasn't too filling. Comes with a salad on the side that was very refreshing. Green rice bowl with steak ($, +$ for the flank steak) Fresh green kale, sliced avocado, a poached egg and a few strips of flank steak and feta cheese topped on a bowl of rice. I believe the rice was japnese rice, which made the bowl extra tasty. The sauce mixed in with the rice had a sort of lime zesty flavor which made the bowl really refreshing. Tasted healthy and delicious. Just pricey imo, given there weren't too many pieces of steak either. But the steak was cooked medium rare and flavorful! The food was innovative and interesting. Tasty but more on the expensive side. Ordering did take a long time, we were waiting in line for 20 mins just to order food. Loved the atmosphere and menu and will definitely go back. I only had coffee when I went since I didn't realize they have brunch options (that said, everything that came to the tables next to me looked super tasty!). If you are looking for an insta-worthy brunch pic, I would definitely recommend. Walking in I was confused as to table service or not?? There was no direction. I approached the counter and stood there waiting for someone. Finally the arrogant male making coffee looked up and gave me brief instructions. After waiting in the line for 7-9 minutes just to order the woman taking my order didn't listen to me and spoke over me, which meant I had to explain my order twice. After ordering a loose leaf tea I was given a tea bag which didn't draw and I had to get a replacement. I ordered the eggs beni with a side of bacon ($3 extra) when my breakfast came out the bacon was on top of my eggs and only 1 piece. If you order extra bacon on the side I would expect it A on the side and B at least 2 pieces. The food was good however the experience was awful. The man making coffees had such an attitude I didn't want to sit at the counter anymore. Very unpleasant. This brunch place is what you would expect a Queen St East café to be like - hipster, creative and crowded during the weekends. There is some novelty factor in their menu (charcoal latte, breakfast bowl, nut-butter toast), but its the presentation of their food that is the main crowd puller. There is one long communal table and smaller tables that seats 2-4 people and sitting is first come first serve. It can be confusing when its crowded but the rule of thumb is you order first, pay, get a number and than find a seat if you are by yourself. If you are in a group, get someone to stand in line to get a seat and then the rest in line near the counter to order. Came here for a laptop work day recently and have to say, I was loving the vibe. We were three people and didn't have a problem grabbing a solo table at 10:00 AM on a Thursday but by the time we left, it had really filled up! A large communal table is right by the window, and would also make a great spot for meet ups of large groups. I ordered a latte and a festive sugar cookie from Lindsey Gazel's V-Day cookie line. SO cute-- "doughnuts about you". Latte was to my liking as well, no burnt taste and sat pretty in a "for here" mug. While working at a coffee shop, ambiance is important. This place has a high ceilings, big windows and upbeat music playing at just the right volume (for me). The place is buzzing with people, but it's also clear that during day hours, many are working away on laptops. I like a little noise with my work time, so this gelled well with me. My little group felt comfortable staying a while, and we did go up more than once to order treats, etc. out of desire, not obligation. Came here for breakfast on a Saturday at 9:30 and it was already pretty busy. By 10 am, it was full. I ordered the beet eggs benny and my friend ordered the dragonfruit smoothie bowl. They were both beautiful and also so yum! The eggs benny is served with avocado on a potato patty instead of an english muffin, so it's filling and satisfying. I also got the fizzy iced tea which I would recommend- so refreshing and not too sweet at all :) The only reason I won't give this 5 stars is because the ordering style is a bit chaotic. I guess because they were originally just a coffee shop, the order style has remained that way, but when it got busy, people waiting for their coffees were in the way of servers coming around with food. Overall, very aesthetically pleasing food and drinks with delicious flavour to back it up! Beautiful looking food. My eggs benny was lukewarm but good. Minimal seasoning so you'll have to add more. Don't bother with the extra bacon. You get one small slice for $3. They were out of juice! For Sunday brunch this isn't acceptable. Physically the place was cold. And they need hooks for coats and hats. I saw this on blogTo post. It was good. Very tasty. I'm a pescetarian and loved this place. We ordered the 2 eggs ben, 3 lattes, chia seed pudding and their green shakshukka. The serving was a little less than i was expecting. And my friends agreed with me. For a $80 plus tax price i was expecting a little more. Or maybe its just us we dunno ‍ hah. Taste wise, it was good! Location: Queen West, near all the shops. The place: Like most places in TO, it's not very big, but I was able to get a table when I arrived. Worst case, they have a big bench across from the cash so you can sit there. The goods: I just had a great Cortado with almond milk and I really enjoyed it! I didn't ask which beans they use, but the roast was solid. Service: Good. Price point: I think it was about $ for the Cortado. Great spot on Queen to grab afternoon coffee and a bite. My friend had a delicious chai tea latte. I ordered a matcha latte. They have a couple of tables you can work on too, but some are laptop free. Love the minimalist clean feel. Will try the food next time! Really long wait to sit (with little organization), w45 minute wait for breakfast ( after being sold out of eggs Bennie - our reason for coming) and very below average and expensive food. I given them one star for presentation, but otherwise not work their BlogTO shout outs. :( Good ol Queen West coffee shop. It's a clean, refined space with beautiful long cascading hanging planters (which I am trying to create at home) and generally a decent playlist. It's a great place to take a break, get some work done, or even get together for a meeting. Given the size of the space, it can get pretty loud. The coffee is great! I've tried their americano and cappuccino, and a couple of baked goods. The prices are fair for the size and quality. Holiday hours not verified. Please call to confirm this business’ hours on Dec 26, Boxing Day. Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Learn more

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On Halloween, the blond bartender was an incredibly rude prick who seemed like he was coming down off of heroin and didn't even want to be there. I was really nice to him but scared to order a complicated drink, which was ON THE MENU. It was a mistake. He acted like it was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I swear he cursed at me under his breath. He wasn't treating the other customers any better either. Later, on the other side of the bar, I called out someone for sidling up to the bar and ignoring the line, which I had been waiting in for ten minutes. The person immediately blamed the bartender for taking their order. The bartender was definitely not cognizant of who was next anyway, but felt the need to bitch me out 20 minutes later when I came to get my food order and threatened to kick me out if I ever confronted anyone for doing that again. She was NASTY NASTY NASTY to me. All I told the person was, "There is a line I've been waiting in for ten minutes, what you've done is totally rude." But I'm the bad guy for calling them out. Yeah, right. Portland is a town that rewards bad behavior. That was the meanest a bartender has been to me out here. It sucks and I didn't deserve it. She was doing a bad job. I used to bartend in a crowded bar for years and always knew who was next. And I was NEVER mean to a customer. Totally the worst Halloween ever. Maybe if you come here you should be totally rude to the bartenders and cut in line as much as you want, and you'll fit right in! Also, maybe someone should call the liquor control board, because I don't think pouring a drink that's 3/4 alcohol is legal. I saw her pouring everyone's drink that way. UPDATE - I called them and checked. That's totally legal. You can pour as much alcohol in a drink as you want out here. But they're still going to go and investigate the Lovecraft Bar after our conversation. I was finally able to come here after the remodel. It's now even better with two dance floors = way more space to dance! I love all the new touches which just keep getting better every time I go there. This is the kind of place that you would want to take your friends from out of town. They generally have good music playing: 80s new wave, or electro. If there is an event at this establishment its highly recommended to arrive early because they WILL reach capacity and you'll have to stay outside for a while. The vibe is super relaxed, judgement free.... I met a New to Me friend here for Dancing on Goth Night once. I like this Place. It's very Dark, but not so Gloomy. Since I only went to Dance I didn't order a Drink. I like to be Sober when I'm Dancing because Portland has a Few Rougher Neighborhoods, and the Jerks seem to Follow me Around sometimes. I didn't see any Security here, although, I didn't stay very long that Night. It's worth going on a Different Night to see if the Crowd is any Different. Most of the People there were Dancing by themselves and not interacting with each other much. Which is very Typical of the Goth Scene here in Portland, Oregon. I was a Goth Girl ( or Woman, if you Prefer ) for a long time. I don't recall seeing any other Black People there. I wonder if they haven't Discovered this Place yet? Don't forget to Bring Your ID! We came here for Halloween night on a Monday. After already dressing up for Halloween Saturday night, we decided to come here without costumes. Everyone else seemed to be dressed up though while dancing, drinking and having a blast. This place definitely has a gothic theme to it which I enjoy. Loved coming into this place to see the fog machine rolling and the dark techno/Halloween music playing. With most of the Halloween activities being over with since Halloween fell on a Monday, this was where the party was at. I'd definitely like to come back and check out what it's like on a casual night. STEPH JUDGEMENT: Fun bar with a delightfully creepy gothy look. This place came up as a highly rated bar in the area and the bf and I were game to check it out. We definitely like our share of goth/punk so it seemed like a place where we could hang. There was a live band playing that night and they turned out to be pretty cool. Kind of an arty/performance-type band. After their performance we hung out a bit longer in the back loungey area and ended up striking up conversations with various people and had a good time. Friendly bartenders, reasonable prices, fun decor--we thought it was pretty great! My friends and I got harassed multiple times at the bar last night, starting with a man cutting us in line, calling us "bitches", "assholes", and "fatties" right in front of the bouncer, and ending with a man berating me at the bar, calling me a "cunt" and "bitch" multiple times. After telling the bouncer about what happened, he took one look at the man harassing me, told me he would talk to him, then left the situation completely without saying anything to the man. This event happened at the front bar in a crowded area, and the bartender and bouncer did NOTHING to help. This is not a safe bar for women, and I will never be returning to this establishment after being treated this way by the patrons and receiving no help from the staff. Shame on you, Lovecraft. I love this dance club. Free from judging people, lots of gorgeous Goths and great music. Love the fog machine and two dance floors. The bathrooms are pretty gross, but that's typical for bars, I guess. Pros: located cool part of town good place to people watch serves tea interesting music and atmosphere as an introvert, I felt comfortable getting on the dance floor cons: none yet I am in love with this place! The Thursday party has amazing music - Goth and industrial. Amazing crowds. No judgement and it's all about dancing. I only wish the cocktail and wine quality could be a touch better. This place is super cool on weekdays when they play great classic goth music and open the front room for dancing, but the weekends are kinda rough since there's always a huge line out the door due to them being at capacity. Wish I could live in their coffin, like Dracula, and dance the night away to classics, like Frankenstein. Goth galore. Whenever I have out of town friends visiting and they ask to see the Portland scene, I usually start with "want to check out a vampire bar?" Technically it's a goth bar, but we've always called it the vamp bar. Lovecraft is a place that entices me, but also scares me. Sometimes I wonder if the patrons here actually think they are vampires...usually when you walk in and you're not dressed in goth, you're greeted by countless glares from figures sitting in low lit booths. The atmosphere is so unique you can't hold their crowd against them. Inside you will find a coffin with skeleton, a plethora of satanic symbols, and a projector playing old scary movies. They usually have the best music, too! Kind of like electronic thriller music. And this crowd loves to dance. Especially on the weekends, the dance floor is full. Came here on Halloween and every costume was amazing. There is no better place on this night! My complaint is the bathroom line. On a busy weekend or Halloween night, the bathroom line is all the way through the club. Only two stalls for tons of people. What are they thinking? By the time you get a drink, it's time to get back into the bathroom line, then by that time, your drinks gone. So frustrating. (Also, shout out to the girl on Halloween who cut everyone in line, and then claimed she worked there. If you do work there, you suck.) First time at Lovecraft and it was the best night! Drinks were great and there was hardly any waiting to get them So one of the bartenders walks up to me Friday night at 850pm. She tells me that there's a drag show starting at 9 and that I need to pay a $10 cover or leave. I pay. My friends pay. There's no drag show. We finally leave this sad bar at midnight. I asked the lady for our money back, as there was no show and she tried to haggle with me. She offered to give me back $5. Really?!?! This place it's a joke. Don't bother. Loved it, minus the blond pos bartender who kept staring at my sisters chest and then being a prick to us. Seriously, I can't see your beer selection with the fog machine, so no need for the attitude! But aside from that, the smoke machine, dancing, fun, nice clientele, and cool atmosphere was totally worth $. Will be back. Great Music Venue On The Eastside of Portland SITREP Whenever I troop through Portland, I enjoy stopping in at The Lovecraft Bar - any day of the week actually - but especially when the Thursday night event *SHADOWPLAY* is in session. THE SETUP The bar really is a smallish affair, but it's got a LOT of character ooozing from off the walls and out of the floor (and I really mean *oooooozing*) - it's almost as if the venue itself is sweating in some sort of Praga Khan fiendish fantasy! LIVE MUSIC I have caught some great love musical acts here - not big names like Rammstein or Def Leppard (or even CombiChrist, for that matter) - the music acts are energized and perform right in the middle of the main floor, the musicians with their guitars and keyboards, getting right up in our faces - it's quite invigorating actually. DJ MUSIC But after the bands perform, the format transitions straight the DJ who inundates the entire venue with the throbbing rhythms of Industrial, Death Metal, Electroclash, and any other genre that assaults all of our senses while you are mesmerized, undulating and stomping on the dancefloor. THE BAR The drinks are cheap. And PBR is even cheaper than cheap. [And great beer to gulp if all you're gonna do is dance it off in the next 10 minutes. THE LOWDOWN I wouldn't have this venue be any other way than it is! wtf i love this place but y'all just straight up told me nothing was worth eating here like i asked exactly what they would eat off of the menu and they said "i don't know, it's all the same" ..... betch i'm hungry. your bartender was mean. and their pours were short by atleast 3 seconds..... so now i'm hungry and sober... bye lol Lovecraft is a gothic dive bar. There is one only in Portland. So the star rating is in relation to goth dive bars, not in relation to every bar in Portland. Lovecraft is not trying to be every bar. It's a dive in the sense of home-built decor and a regular crowd. Lovecraft has recently gained control of the space in the building towards the back, West along Oak. So they will soon be expanding into it for a bigger dance room, while maintaining the original space which will be connected. For dark, 80's and the like they have some good dance nights. They have been very welcoming supporting new nights no other bars in Portland would. My friend hosts a monthly here, and Lovecraft has been entirely supportive. The staff is great. The single bathroom, though visually Satyricon-reminiscent, graffitied and stickered, had everything working, TP and towels. So funny Yelp ambience is limited to divey, hipster, casual, touristy, trendy, intimate, romantic, classy and upscale. Not suggesting they add goth. That can be found by search. But adding other, and search by ambience, including other might be interesting! Do you have black in your wardrobe? Lovecraft would the perfect spot to wear it. We hope they develop a more coherent approach to their decor, which today consists of vignettes of unevenly lit halloween scenes, horror figures, bones, vinyl covers, small framed pictures, murals and coffins. And maybe another bathroom would be nice And I mean how hard can it be to find a goth but glowing heart interior architect? The Lovecraft Bar Unclaimed This business has not yet been claimed by the owner or a representative.

My friends said they would be terrified to take their clothes off in public, to have their nude bodies documented, then studied and critiqued in a class. But I relished it.

They brought impeccable style and child-like joy to a warm winter day, making even the more-than-a-bit-DMV-like environment of the New York City Marriage Bureau a beautiful, emotional scene. We traipsed around Lower Manhattan with them a bit before heading to a small family dinner at the Tribeca Grill .

This waterproof bag for my DSLR was a good investment. It protects against dust in the desert east of town. We don't have that much rain in Nevada, so I haven't tested its waterproof properties yet, but the rain will come, and I'll certainly use the bag then. The multiple seals ensure a good barrier.

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