The design of the Pau'ans for Revenge of the Sith was originally intended for the natives of Mustafar . [18] The Pau'ans themselves were designed as lemur -like creatures per George Lucas . [19] These lemur concepts would later become the Lurmen . [20] Artist Sang Jun Lee drew some initial sketches of the Pau'an species, and Robert E. Barnes and Michael Murnane created sculptures of their faces. The design developed over time and was later changed to the Pau'ans' current appearance as Revenge of the Sith developed. [21] The Pau'ans in Revenge of the Sith were created through a mix of prosthetic makeup effects and computer-generated imagery . [19] The design of their face was inspired by an African tribal mask. [22]

Before long, Flint began to receive personal training from Darth Vader. Just as with Vader’s other illegitimate apprentices such as Lumiya , and Galen Marek , Flint was kept secret from Emperor Palpatine . Flint slowly developed his Force powers eventually mastering the art of telekinesis and was able to sail boulders through the air with ease. [4] Unknown to Flint, Vader was preparing him for a showdown with Lumiya to determine who would become his Shadow Hand when he decided to overthrow Palpatine. [2]

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