As a child, Neige had experiences of being in contact with a "far off country", which he generically refers to as "Fairy Land". [25] Alcest serves as the musical adaptation of the memories from this "otherworld". [2] [26] Neige intends for Alcest to be a journey for the listener to this world through his memories. This change in concept was first introduced on Le Secret. Souvenirs d'un autre monde serves as a literal summation of the concept behind the band. [27]

Deafheaven guitarist Kerry McCoy and singer George Clarke grew up together in Modesto, California – they met in high school when McCoy spotted Clarke wearing a Slayer T-shirt, while Clarke noticed McCoy was wearing a Dead Kennedys patch. Naturally, they had to start a band. That blend of influences has made Deafheaven one of the most polarizing and controversial metal bands of recent years. As McCoy put it , they claim "this triangle of extreme music, experimental music and very sad indie rock. That's what we were into." The San Francisco band blew up with their second album Sunbather , the 2013 breakthrough that defined their expansive style of black metal. In fiercely emotional tracks like "Dream House" and "The Pecan Tree," they weave in elements of post-punk indie noise bands like Mogwai, along with shoegaze elders like My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive. " Sunbather musically and lyrically sums up what we were thinking; it's very hopeful and bright and fast and energetic," McCoy said. "Lyrically, it's very yearning." And it sounds like nothing else, though Deafheaven make no apologies for that. As McCoy told Rolling Stone , "That mixture of influences has kind of always been our thing, much to some people's annoyance." .

We are proud to finally share with you the Deafheaven album, New Bermuda, which is out worldwide today on Anti-. This is the third full-length album from the California quintet and their first on the label.

George Clarke (vocals), Kerry McCoy (guitar), Dan Tracy (drums), Stephen Lee Clark (bass), and Shiv Mehra (guitar) recorded New Bermuda live to tape at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA and Atomic Garden Recording in East Palo Alto, CA in April 2015. It was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley who has worked with the band on their previous releases. Clarke says that he came up with the idea of “New Bermuda” to describe a new destination in life, a nebulous point of arrival, and an unknown future where things get swallowed up and dragged into darkness. The album artwork for New Bermuda is an oil painting, dense in brush strokes of darker tones and deep blues, by Allison Schulnik. The layout was designed by art director Nick Steinhardt.

Formed in 2010 in San Francisco, California, the band has released two studio albums on Deathwish; Roads to Judah in 2011 and their lauded Sunbather in 2013. Sunbather received accolades from NPR on their Favorite Albums of 2013 list, a coveted Best New Music at Pitchfork, the Best Metal Album of 2013 per Rolling Stone, a 9/10 star review from Decibel Magazine, and it was the highest rated album of 2013 according to Metacritic. Deafheaven have spent the last two years touring extensively nationally and around the world with shows in Australia, Japan, Asia, Europe, Russia, the UK, and Canada with festival appearances at Pitchfork, Bonnaroo, Primavera, Roskilde, Fun Fun Fun, FYF Fest, SXSW, Basilica Sound Scape 14, Corona Capital, ATP Iceland, amongst others. Deafheaven will perform August 8 at Heavy Montreal in Canada. Details on a forthcoming North American tour are soon to be announced.

History. Alcest was formed as a solo project by Neige in 2000. Soon after, the band became a three-piece black metal outfit, consisting of Neige on vocals, rhythm ...

McCoy tweeted these ugly slurs three years ago. It’s entirely possible that he’s changed, and feels bad about his foolish, hurtful language from his younger years. Why are we bringing it up? Because it’s just worth pointing out that 1) Twitter is public, and everything you tweet goes into the Library of Congress and 2) Using f*ggot as an insult is never okay (cc: Azealia Banks ). A petition is floating around to get the metal band removed from the Pitchfork Festival lineup, but it’s unlikely that anything will come of the as-yet little-supported movement.

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