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During National Collection Week, nearly 5,000 drop-off locations will be open across the . to receive your shoebox gifts. Don’t forget to make your $9-per-shoebox donation online through Follow Your Box and receive a special tracking label to discover the destination of your shoebox gift.-->   Loading Drop-Off Locations 25 Miles 50 Miles 75 Miles 100 Miles Find Locations Results ⎙ Print Results

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early 15c., "characterized by variety," from Middle French varieux , from Latin varius "changing, different, diverse" (see vary ). Meaning "different from one another" is recorded from 1630s. Related: Variously .

Apart from the legal concerns expressed by Dr. Hanna, Shaaban Abdel Gawad, the director-general of the Retrieved Antiquities Department at Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that Egypt's foreign ministry has also requested investigations into Mrs. Howard’s collection. He said, “We want to investigate how these pieces made it out of Egypt illegally.”

In a series of photos taken by Menner, a sniper is hiding somewhere in the landscape. In another set of the same photos, the snipers' location is circled in red - which doesn't do much to help recognize these war-time chameleons.

Most of the sites I visited used bullets; However, most of the bullets were typical circles , squares , or dots. I did not include any examples of those common bullets. Sharp, small, innovative images for bullets are much more rare than I would have ever thought — I was only able to spot a few.

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