Andrew Duke In The Mix #2713 01 Rondenion--Sunrize; Bosconi Stallions: Apacz (Bosconi BOSCO022) __ Lady Blacktronika ID (Sound Black, Bumako, Nsyde) 02 Nino--Synthese Cosmique; Analogue Signal compilation (Batti Batti BBR04) 03 Sumsuch--Simpatico ft Will Brock (Myles Serge rx); Simpatico (Colour and Pitch CAP001) 04 Nick Anthony Simocino--Tramonto Techno; Bosconi Stallions: Athena (Bosconi BOSCO025) 05 Claes Rosen--Wonderful; Daydreaming/Wonderful (Local Talk LT035) 06 --Isalos; Eternal Return (Mobilee 114) 07 Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundroom, Shonky)--Trinidad; Trinidad/Visa Americain (Apollonia APO008) 08 MRZ--Feather Fiction (Ark's Grande Chorale); Feather Fiction (Nice Try NTRY015) 09 Akra--TunnelVision (Iron Curtis Chant mix); TunnelVision (Teng 007) 10 Spune--Manga; Gorgeous (Kunsthandwerk KHW002) 11 Processing Vessel--House Passion (Jaymz Nylon remix); House Passion (Nylon Trax NT015) 12 Fort Romeau--Desire; Jetee/Desire (Ghostly International GI183) 13 Karocel--Watts; Plaited (Freude Am Tanzen FATCD008) 14 Jenifa Mayanja--Minding My Own Business And Then; Random Nature (Big Bait 014) 15 Denny Trajkov--Walk Ritual (Saso Recyd remix); Walk Ritual (Walk & Talk WTR001) 16 Manuel Romero--American Groove; After The After (Miniatura MINIA098) __ Hailey Sphynx ID (DB Records, Freewheel Vibes, Italica) 17 The Maersk Project--Freq Out (Eviltron mix); The Eviltron Theory Part 2 (Bombis 024) 18 Marcel Fengler--Jaz; Fokus (Ostgut Ton) 19 Antoinette--Barriers (Corrugated Tunnel dub); Barriers (Process PRCS149) 20 Noraj Cue--Burning Eyes; BBQ Techno 3 (Connaisseur CNS016D) 21 Envoy--Wishes & Stars; Wishes & Stars (Soma 373d) 22 (T. Raumschmiere, Daniel Meteo)--Kata; Parade (Shitkatapult STRIKE145) 23 In2Deep--Walk It Off; Walk It Off/Black (Piston PR2013084) 24 Interstellar Funk--House Train (Makam Feel Good mix); House Train (Rush Hour Voyage Direct RH-VD010) 25 Heron & Tim Grothe--Spark Plug (The Kooky Scientist remix); Spark Plug (Extrakt) __ Luke Hess ID (DeepLabs, Finale Sessions, FXHE) 26 Chicago Skyway--I Don't Give A Fuck; #@&! split with Isoke (Eargasmic EGC4018) Hour Two: __ Aux 88 ID (Puzzlebox, Creme Organisation, Direct Beat) 01 MicroControlUnit--When They Call (Sean Deason remix); Kosmo Tanssi (Zero One Music Zero1008) 02 Adam Jay & DJ Shiva--Impossibilities (Mattias Fridell remix); Impossibilities (Translucent002V) 03 Azymuth--Diz No Pe (Kirk Degiorgio remix); Aurora remixes (Far Out Recordings FARO175DCD) 04 Damarii Saunderson & L8M8--The Anthem ft Ann Saunderson (Ian O'Donovan remix); The Anthem (KMS 123) 05 Stalker--Redlamp 10A; RK#8 (Ruf Kutz RK#8) 06 UNA--The Astronomer (John Tejada remix); The Laughing Man remixes (Cool Jewel Records UNA LP2) 07 Marco Cassanelli--Friedrichstrasse (Javier Orduna & Inigo Oruezabal remix); Friedrichstrasse (Pong Musiq PMDIGI051) 08 Riccicomoto & Helly Larson--Magnetic Swift (Klartraum Dream version); Supernova Sessions (Lucidflow LF044) 09 C-Rock & Patrick Kunkel--Waiting For Nina (Day mix); Waiting For Nina (Leena 029) 10 The Stolers--Die Hauptstadt Der Welt (Donnell Knox remix); Die Haupstadt Der Welt (Infected Audio Infected020) 11 Jerofou--Regard d'en Bas (Bleak remix); Fiere Allure (Cinematic Label CINMV12003) 12 Felix Cage--Magda & Magdalena; A Cat On A Ledge (Electronical Reeds ER27) 13 GolfFFinch--The Volume; The Volume (Saigon 010) 14 Scanone--Vox Eight; Scenes (Yellow Machines YM013) 15 Danza Macabra--Keeping The Rabble In Line (Anton Kubikov remix); Keeping The Rabble In Line (Danza Macabra Records DMR13) 16 Himan--Rotational Period; Life Appeared (ReSolute 006) __ Anaxander ID (Got2Go, Love What You Feel, Local Talk) 17 Pinkcourtesyphone + Kid Congo Powers--Drag And Drop; Phototrashed (Iosound IOS005) 18 Vesa-Matti--Pacifist (RedLed remix); Dismal (Subself SS022) 19 Mike Parker--Lustration One; Lustrations (Prologue PRGLP004) 20 Matrixxman--Credentials (Myler remix); The XX Files (Fifth Wall 5WALL005) 21 --Crater (Mike Humphries remix); Crater (The Public Stand) 22 Clemens Neufeld--Acid Werk; Strobelight Acid/Acid Werk (Neufeld NEU4) 23 Glenn Kelly--Return; Modernity (WotNot Music WOT011) 24 Ilves & Migova--Rebel Cause (Mark E remix); Rebel Cause (Dear Deer) 25 Inxec & Cesare vs Disorder--Shades Of Grey (Artuu remix); We Have Never Had It So Good (Stock5 LTD008) 26 Android Cartel--Terminal (Billy Dalessandro remix); Terminal (Thoughtless Music TLM082) 27 Giorgio Gigli--Further Reflection; Inside (Electric Deluxe ) 28 Stingrays--Radical Revision; Relocked4 (Relocked 4) 29 Talismann--Mars Wars; Talismann 003 (Talismann Records 003) 30 Syncom Data--Supercell Dub; Supercell (Syncom Data SD 03) 31 Arkist--Rendezvous (SCB 2013 dub); Rendezvous (Apple Pips PIPS023) 32 Roberto Clementi--Promise (Morbeck remix); Promise (Soma 374d) 33 Special Request (Paul Woolford)--Wall To Wall; Hardcore (Houndstooth HTH010) __ ID (Archipel, Unoiki, Mischievous Musique) 34 Sawf--Menete (Yuji Kondo remix); Menete (Perc Trax TPT059)

D.reamteam - Parade 10.0