Our son’s favorite appetizer is the ‘ol Velveeta and Rotel Dip trick. Yes, the Velveeta cheese dip is easy, but gosh as much as I love Velveeta for its versatility and creaminess while putting together a queso dip, I can’t help but wonder how it lasts on the shelf or even in my fridge, opened nonetheless for as long as it does, am I right?

Coconut Oil is a FOOD, not a medicine. Save your money on softgels and buy real coconut oil! See below for a great list of ways to use it.

Any cheese that has been aged, and not heat treated after that aging, will contain lactic acid bacteria. These lactic acid bacteria are good for you and most probiotics come from this family of bacteria. These Gouda cheeses are a great example of this.

The Pills - Real CheeseThe Pills - Real CheeseThe Pills - Real CheeseThe Pills - Real Cheese