Broken down to its base elements, it's a detective-ghost story, not unlike M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense (1999), albeit one driven by some dazzling filmmaking bravado.

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The Arizona Cardinals' fans have never seen a three-year run of double digit wins before. Nor have they ever heard the Cardinals being mentioned so often as Super Bowl contenders. Amazon even hopped on the bandwagon and followed the team around each day with cameras and microphones in filming their 2015 series "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals."

 · ENTER THE VOID , the psychedelic thriller by visionary French maverick Gaspar Noé (IRREVERSIBLE, I STAND ALONE), is a cinematic thrill ride that's riveted ...

“I have a sense of people,” he says. “I understand people. I’ve made a lot of money because of people, because deals aren’t anything other than people, .?” That sixth sense, he continues, is what led him to focus hard, right from the very start, on illegal immigration, proposing a 2,000-mile border wall and the forcible deportation of 11 million people. “I just felt it,” he says. “I felt it like I do deals.” The terrorist attacks triggered the same instinctual response. “Immigration has boiled over into Syria,” he says, in a telling logical connection.

Miami Horror - BravadoMiami Horror - BravadoMiami Horror - BravadoMiami Horror - Bravado