Story of the Tampico Stogies, a low minor-league baseball team, and its star player and manager, Stud' Cantrell, as they battle for the league championship amidst the corruption and racism of the American south.

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This six-song EP did more than just introduce future adult alternative goddess Marti Jones to the world; it's also good enough to make Color Me Gone 's breakup shortly after its release seem a bit disappointing. The well-crafted and finely produced jangle pop stands up to what most of the Akron quartet's peers were offering at the time, with a little extra guitar muscle and the group's ability to get credibly rootsy (the sweet country-soul of "Hurtin' You," the harbinger of Jones ' subsequent direction) to further recommend it. It's Jones who makes the most difference, though; in a genre where great singers were almost nonexistent, hearing one slice through the ringing guitars and harmonies was certainly welcome and occasionally ("Lose Control," "Hideaway") thrilling.

Color Me Gone - Lose ControlColor Me Gone - Lose ControlColor Me Gone - Lose ControlColor Me Gone - Lose Control