After writing a story called "Fantasmo", the duo experimented with four-track recordings and decided that music was what they wanted to do. In the same interview with Carpenter, Ingram said, "We felt we were dealing with future music so we developed a concept, an idea that interested us." The concept involves the adventures of characters "Desmond" and "Verona".

But maybe giving Stein a heroic death is a better move than quietly shuffling him to the side? It's important for a conflict like this to have real, tangible stakes, and sometimes that means killing a beloved long-term character. There's no denying those final Jax/Stein scenes connected on a real visceral level. The full weight and significance of their relationship came through, and it's clear this is something that'll be weighing on Jax for some time to come. I do wish some of the other Legends (or Caitlin) had been given the opportunity to say farewell, but there was ample time for tributes after his death and during the funeral sequence. It all served as a nice reminder of how much Stein has been a bridge between these various shows.

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