While these are the most obvious examples of the band really branching out from their past albums, there’s still plenty of stuff here to please fans of the Traced in Air and Re-Traced sound. The title track is without a doubt the highlight of the record, as it features one of the most fist-pumpingly epic endings to any song that’s come out in 2011 and furiously precise bass work from Sean Malone. Malone makes his presence known on this record much more obvious, though never gratuitous. As always, Sean Reinert absolutely destroys the drum kit and remains to be one of the most interesting musicians in the progressive metal world. Paul Masvidal’s vocals have taken on their most “human” feel in Cynic’s history with these songs. There are barely any of the trademark vocoder/robot vocals that made Focus so unique. Wrap this all up in a blanket of tasty metal and fusion licks (think Pat  Metheny meets Marty Friedman), and you’ve got yourself one of the best EPs of the year. Highly recommended for fans of progressive rock/fusion.

EDIT: or perhaps they are realising that people don't seem to keep cars for long periods and tend to get rid of them before problems occur so they are calculating how long a car will last on long interval maintenance as a marketing stunt?

Remember how carbon trading is going to make us rich, provide jobs and grow the economy? Edenhoffer, economic advisor to the UN, admits the problem is that countries will be better off if they don’t sign up for the UN climate deals, and that’s why they need “penalties and incentives”.

Cynic - Carbon Based AnatomyCynic - Carbon Based AnatomyCynic - Carbon Based AnatomyCynic - Carbon Based Anatomy