9.  DIS KOUE KOS, SKAT   A charming local film that features Anna-Mart van der Merwe in top form as a renowned food writer  Clara, who discovers that her husband is cheating on her with one of her best friends and moves to Cape Town with her two kids where she rediscovers her true nature, and gloriously uncovers the allure of food in romance! Clara undergoes this journey not only of healing, but of rediscovering her passions in life, all the while plotting her revenge on her ex husband and his new, much younger wife. Deon Lotz is equally brilliant as the cheating husband with Frank Opperman ideally cast as a restaurant owner and chef who has a peculiar food fetish. Elzabe Zietsman is also fantastic as the best friend and matchmaker who adds to the humour in the story of love lost, and ultimately found in the strangest of places.

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I'm not sure why artist Stjepan Sejic has become such a big presence at DC all of a sudden, but I'm very glad he has. One week after drawing the strongest issue of Aquaman in the Rebirth era, Sejic is back to lend a similarly strong touch to Suicide Squad. Sejic's style is all about blending weird sci-fi imagery with vividly rendered, expressive characters, and that skill comes in incredibly handy in this issue. Sejic and Rob Williams tackle a transitional chapter of the series, with the team mourning the death of Rick Flag and Waller seeking a new team leader. The premise seems a little flawed in that it seems strange that Waller would turn to one of the other Squad members and not an outsider with no criminal record, but that ceases to matter after a certain point. What does matter is that the duo provide an excellent, character-driven story that serves to further humanize every single member of the team, even Waller herself. This issue is equal parts funny, wistful and optimistic, and further proof that Sejic needs to be a recurring face in the Rebirth lineup. -Jesse

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Carlini's World Of Strings - Million Seller Hits Of '60Carlini's World Of Strings - Million Seller Hits Of '60Carlini's World Of Strings - Million Seller Hits Of '60Carlini's World Of Strings - Million Seller Hits Of '60