Mood disorders are among the top 10 causes of disability worldwide (Murray & Lopez, 1996), with unipolar major depression being the most widely experienced. Women are 50% more likely than men to experience a mood disorder.

Your child is just not fitting in or not getting along with other kids, or you are concerned about who your child is hanging around with, or you are concerned about his social development. Is it a social problem? Is it poor self-esteem? Does he have Asperger’s?

From Middle English mood , mode , mod , from Old English mōd (“heart, mind, spirit, mood, temper; courage; arrogance, pride; power, violence"), from Proto-Germanic *mōdÄ… , *mōdaz (“sense, courage, zeal, anger"), from Proto-Indo-European *mō- , *mÄ“- (“endeavour, will, temper"). Cognate with Scots mude , muid (“mood, courage, spirit, temper, disposition"), West Frisian moed (“mind, spirit, courage, will, intention"), Dutch moed (“courage, bravery, heart, valor"), Low German Mōt , MÅ«t (“mind, heart, courage"), German Mut (“courage, braveness, heart, spirit"), Swedish mod (“courage, heart, bravery"), Icelandic móður (“wrath, grief, moodiness"), Latin mōs (“will, humour, wont, inclination, mood"), Russian сметь (smetʹ, “to dare, venture").

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Disc 4:
1) These Foolish Things (Feat. Helen Ward) - Peggy Lee ()
2) 'Till the End of Time - Perry Como ()
3) Shall We Dance - Fred Astair ()
4) I've Got My Eyes On You - Dinah Shore ()
5) Serenade in Blue - Glenn Miller ()
6) Temptation - Bing Crosby ()
7) Three Little Words - Ella Fitzgerald ()
8) Night and Day - Frank Sinatra ()
9) You'll Never Know - Dorothy Lamour ()
10) True Love - Nat King Cole ()
11) Easy to Love - Billie Holiday ()
12) Because You're Mine - Dean Martin ()
13) Last Nite When We Were Young - Judy Garland ()
14) Life Is a Song - Tony Bennett ()
15) Someone Like You - Doris Day ()
16) People Will Say We're in Love - Bing Crosby ()
17) I'm in the Mood for Love - Louis Armstrong ()
18) Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) - The Starlight Strings ()

Various - In The Mood For Love Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious - In The Mood For Love Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious - In The Mood For Love Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious - In The Mood For Love Original Motion Picture Soundtrack