Rankin was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in May 2009. He died in Los Angeles , California - where he had resided for many years - from the disease on June 7, 2009. He was 69 years old.

Hello folks,
I am a newcomer here, I know that this is an old topic and I am sorry for bringing this up again, but I just couldn’t resist when I came across this post via google and realized that the links are dead.

I am a longtime fan of unaccompanied ballad singing, even more so when they are sung by Irish Travellers, and I’d love to hear the songs from those three folktrax cassettes.

Well, Mr. Kennedy has passed away and the recordings from his folktrax label are no longer available, so I really have no clue how else I could obtain those wonderful recordings.

That’s why I thought I’d try my luck and ask here, so if anybody who is reading my post happens to have these recordings, could you re-upload them for me, or send them to me via e-mail?

I’d be more than grateful if someone could do this for me, honestly! It would be such a joy to hear more of Mary Doran’s lovely voice, as I only know her from a single recording (Oxford City) which I heard on the "Good People Take Warning" CD from the Voice of the People series and I can’t seem to locate any other commercial recordings of her. Same goes for Paddy Doran and the rest of the singers found on these cassettes…

This is a list of Haitians , born in Haiti or possessing Haitian citizenship, notable in Haiti and abroad. Due to Haitian nationality laws , dual citizenship is now permitted by the Constitution of Haiti , therefore people of Haitian ancestry born outside of the country are not included in this list, unless they have renounced their foreign citizenship or have resided extensively in Haiti and made significant contributions to Haitian government or society. The list includes both native-born and naturalized Haitians, as well as permanent foreign residents who have been recognized internationally for artistic, cultural, economic, historical, criminal, or political reasons, among others. If not indicated here, their birth in Haiti and notability are mentioned in their main article. This list does not include fictional characters or Haitian associations and organizations.

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Here's Tom Waits in performance at the 2001 Pop Awards, where he received the ASCAP Founders Award. An excerpt from his acceptance speech: “To say a few serious things about songs, I guess they’re really like vessels. When people migrate, they take with them their seeds and their songs, and I think that’s pretty much all you’ll need when you get there.” Click the video link to watch part of the speech.

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